One To One & Classes

One To One & Classes

Having worked as a nurse mainly in theatres (surgery), I have been able to learn the body’s anatomy inside out.

I am and have always been fascinated by our biomechanics and physiology and attach great importance to alignment and safe practice of yoga.

Each asana, when studied and practiced correctly, reveals its infinite healing potential. Through the control of breath and movement, we learn to control our very active wonderful mind. The health of the body can be manipulated by a well-focused mind.

I offer one to one classes and although I have a passion for the Ashtanga vinyasa system, I am very happy to suit each individual needs.

My goal is to ensure that whoever practices feels better than before they started. Yoga is for everyone to enjoy and harvest the extraordinary benefits of this practice.

Please contact me for further details.

I am based in London, Derbyshire Paris and more :)

I very much look forward to helping you find flexibility, happiness, balance, health, focus, vitality…