There are a huge amount of new diets on the market, each claiming to be the best. High protein, low carbohydrate versus complex carbohydrate, low protein versus all raw foods versus vegan versus only grapefruit and so on it goes. What each of these approaches misses is that we are all different. Our biological individuality allows one person to thrive on a diet that could be terrible for someone else. Lucretius, the Roman philosopher, put it nicely when he said, ‘One man’s meat is another’s man’s poison’. When we give our body the correct balance of protein, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals for our own physiological pattern, we enter our personal ‘zone’.

My approach to nutrition is simple, there is no perfect diet, there is only your ‘diet’. Your body’s priority is to constantly be in homeostasis or balance.

Finding YOUR balance is what it is all about.

I believe in eating with intelligence, creating harmony, variety, fun and love around the food we choose.

I have experimented and taken interest in many different ways of nourishing my body and cells. Raw and cooked food. I don’t believe in one fits all but one fits you.

I offer to create, with you and for you, a plan of action to help you find the perfect harmony in your daily food intake.

Making sure your energy levels stay balanced all day long and everyday.

Some ideas that you might be interested in learning:

1/ 101 raw food recipes (Nut milks, smoothies, juices, dehydrated foods, raw crackers, raw granolas and so much more!)

2/ How to incorporate “superfoods” into your diet

3/ How your body works and how to maintain a healthy PH

4/ When food is love, how to create and experiment new recipes such as raw brownies, raw chocolatey things and anything you might think as “bad” for you transformed in a healthy, delicious, nourishing feast. :)


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