About me

About me

Art of Divine Nurture?

Some of you might have noticed that my journey has unfolded from the beauty of nature to the beauty of nurture…

I love the word nurturing because for me that is what true health is all about.

Yoga came into my life in 2009 and the transformations have been so that I decided to share this passion and empower others to go on their own nurturing, healing journeys.

My ten years working as a nurse and the care of a wonderful mother who had a very painful neuro-muscular dis-ease, taught me extraordinary life-health lessons.

Ashtanga yoga is the “system” that helped me put together the years of researching and studying health and wellbeing.

Moving, breathing and feeding the body, the cells, the mind.

ADN for Art of Divine Nurture or DNA, in english, is the depth to which we can create our health. From the very nucleus of our cells, from the micro to the macro, from inside out, we can and do transform our body and mind.

Writing about oneself is not an easy task and nor is it to write about yoga.

So I want to keep it simple and share, with my heart, my dream to “partager” the amazing art and science that is yoga.

I am a qualified personal trainer and massage therapist and did my first yoga teacher training with the wonderful Vinyasa flow teacher, Mercedes Ngoh in 2012.

In 2013 I did an Ashtanga Teacher Training with David Swenson in London which transformed my personal practice and launched me on my yoga teaching journey. David’s enthusiasm, knowledge and wisdom are magical and totally transformative.

Since then I have attended many workshops and an amazing yoga retreat with John Scott. His teachings are unique and beyond words, for words can’t really carry the power of his presence and wisdom.

It is through these very inspirational teachers that I am now offering to share with others what I have learned and practice daily.

Nurturing our body mind and soul through Yoga, breathing, massage and vibrant foods is what I believe can bring balance, harmony and a happy life :)

I am very much looking forward to meeting you on this beautiful journey that is life.

OM Shanti

With love


“La vie est la fleur don’t l’amour est le miel’  JBA Karr